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Round 44   Day 16

Fire Realm

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#NameDragonsExperienceLevelMasteredLast onStatus
7FTArgon11,646,803121 daysDead
11FTPlitzcaia9,035,114111 daysDead
13FTZat7,169,58091 daysDead
15FDAnal Fistula6,432,73810TodayDead
16FTpink dragon5,792,8298TodayDead
18TECUpirate055,383,42391 daysDead
19Tlordoftheflies5,226,43091 daysDead
20TJimbo Jones5,168,0638TodayDead
22TDog of the South4,676,47510TodayDead
26FTHott Lady3,228,6829TodayDead
28Tjerred2,650,215101 daysDead
29TDeadEyeJohn2,492,59582 daysDead
30TSir Strayveange2,185,9659TodayDead
32DBarry McCockinner1,898,6459TodayDead
36FTlady death659,9348TodayDead
38MDraco the White286,6578TodayDead
40TTax Man225,97181 daysDead
42MLrdNosferatu178,70981 daysDead
44TLord Rikochete126,8067TodayDead
45FDRunny Nose123,80361 daysDead
49TBogtrot73,30171 daysDead
51FMDeerslayer55,08971 daysDead
54TThrob Johnson12,9205TodayAlive
55MCoyle7,51552 daysDead
58MScramble2,75531 daysDead
60TDeath's Minion1,06031 daysDead
63TCagehead74532 daysDead
64TAcIlLaTeM61921 daysAlive
66TRaisin BLood32323 daysAlive
67FDEnedium26013 daysAlive
68MCrispyhiking17211 daysDead
69FTJanika14421 daysAlive
71MRed Dragoon11921 daysAlive
72DElScorcho9915 daysAlive
73DMonkey6717 daysDead
74Tsabjdaskdf413 daysUndead
The Daily Happenings....
A group of children did not return from a nature walk today.
Paladiamors got laid by Lord Rikochete!
Paladiamors Got laid by Seth Able!
RAM has killed DoubleDare!
"You will have no children!," curses DoubleDare with relish.
RAM has killed Bogtrot!
"And don't you EVER come 'round here again!," RAM warns.
RAM has beaten Aladdin!
RAM has killed Paladiamors!
Paladiamors cries bitterly. "I don't know how, but you cheated!"
RAM has beaten Prince Caspian!
RAM has beaten Gandalf!
RAM has been killed by Mountain!
"Damnit! I was looking for the Dark Cloak Tavern," explains
RAM in dismay.
Hott Lady got laid by Barry McCockinner!
ThaFunker has killed Throb Johnson!
"You, ThaFunker, are a gigantic POO POO HEAD!" admonishes
Throb Johnson.
Radonfort has killed Hott Lady!
"Wow, I'm screwed," Hott Lady realizes.
Tavinus got laid by lady death!
Hearts&Farts got laid by Throb Johnson!
Tavinus walks out of the forest acting chipper!
Hearts&Farts has killed Radonfort!
"You, Hearts&Farts, are a gigantic POO POO HEAD!" admonishes
Tavinus has killed Hearts&Farts!
Hearts&Farts cries bitterly. "I thought you were my friend!"
kEblin has been killed by Brand The Wanderer!
Brand The Wanderer carefully burys kEblin.
Jimbo Jones has killed Tavinus!
Jimbo Jones kicks Tavinus one more time for good measure.
Jimbo Jones has killed Deerslayer!
"Yikes! You're such an ass!," shrieks Deerslayer.
Howitzer has killed Jimbo Jones!
"You have NO right to that, Howitzer!," Jimbo Jones whines.
Howitzer has beaten Prince Caspian!
Howitzer has been killed by Toraks Son, Korak!
Halder laughs at Howitzer's plight.
Amadeus walks out of the forest acting chipper!
Amadeus has beaten Turgon!
He has become the Ultimate Warrior!
Amadeus has been killed by Mutated Black Widow!
"I must not be as studly as I thought," Amadeus concedes.
Munchies has beaten Olodrin!
Daryl has been killed by Silent Death!
"I feel ill," elucidates Daryl.
Snort has beaten Aladdin!
FIRESTORM has killed Munchies!
"I don't usually swear...but...TORAKS TOOTH!," swears Munchies.
FIRESTORM has killed Snort!
"And don't you EVER come 'round here again!," FIRESTORM warns.
Sleepy(Sheep) has been killed by Black Unicorn!
"How many of you Black Unicorns live in that forest anyway?!,"
Sleepy(Sheep) ponders.
AmD911 has beaten Atsuko Sensei!
Palonius has killed AmD911!
"This means WAR!," AmD911 shouts savagely.
Palonius has killed FIRESTORM!
"I wasn't ready!," FIRESTORM screams.
Mrmarbles walks out of the forest acting chipper!
Draco the White has been killed by King Vidion!
The banker is already looking for Draco the White's next of kin.
The Red Dragon has killed AgraSantos!
b-rar has killed Mrmarbles!
"Next time Mrmarbles, try a thing called putting up a fight, eh,"
b-rar says seriously.
b-rar has killed Tam!
"You will have no children!," curses Tam with relish.
b-rar has killed Bagheera1973!
"YESSS! My luck has finally changed!," b-rar yells.
b-rar has beaten Prince Caspian!
b-rar has beaten Gandalf!
b-rar has been killed by White Bear Of Lore!
The banker is already looking for b-rar's next of kin.
bear got laid by Deerslayer!
bear has beaten Atsuko Sensei!
Lord Rikochete got laid by Paladiamors!
pink dragon has killed Palonius!
pink dragon does a little dance over Palonius's grave.
Lord Rikochete has killed Buhnie!
"Yeow! My sword is hot today!," Lord Rikochete states.
pink dragon has killed bear!
"You have NO right to that, pink dragon!," bear whines.
pink dragon has killed Lord Rikochete!
"Holy Moly! You're such an ass!," shrieks Lord Rikochete.
Snowfrog got laid by TheLadyWhispers!
Snowfrog has beaten Sparhawk!
Snowfrog has killed pink dragon!
"*scoff* The NERVE!" pink dragon screams.
Barry McCockinner got laid by Hott Lady!
Kieria got laid by Throb Johnson!
Kieria has beaten Aragorn!
TheLadyWhispers has killed Barry McCockinner!
"You have NO right to that, TheLadyWhispers!," Barry McCockinner whines.
Kieria has killed Angryloner!
"Oh my God! I'm covered in blood!," gasps Angryloner.
DoubleDare has killed Snowfrog!
"The Gods have deserted me!!," Snowfrog insists.
DoubleDare has killed TheLadyWhispers!
TheLadyWhispers cries bitterly. "I don't know how, but you cheated!"
Bograt got laid by Zat!
Bograt got laid by Zat!
FIREJESS got laid by pink dragon!
FIREJESS has killed DoubleDare!
"Nice, you were in the fields. I got lucky." moans FIREJESS.
FIREJESS has beaten Turgon!
He has become the Ultimate Warrior!
The Red Dragon has killed FIREJESS!
lady death gives birth to a boy! His name is another boy.
lady death got laid by Tavinus!
lady death was called a whore by Seth Able!
Dog of the South has killed lady death in self defence!
"Haw! Haw! I told you to run!," laughs Dog of the South.
Throb Johnson has killed Bograt!
"Come find me when you can put up a real fight" Throb Johnson declares sadly.
Campnala got laid by Dog of the South!
Campnala has been killed by Corinthian Giant!
"Try that again! I'll decapitate you!," Campnala challenges.
illumynite has been killed by Sweet Looking Little Girl!
illumynite's entrails are littering the forest.
fartnugget got laid by MeatFlaps!
fartnugget got kicked in the groin by Violet!
Sir Strayveange has been killed by Rentakis Pet!
"You are definitely stronger than you look, Rentakis Pet," Sir Strayveange admits.
Damaged has beaten Gandalf!
Damaged has killed Dog of the South!
"And don't you EVER come 'round here again!," Damaged warns.
Damaged has been killed by Sheena The Shapechanger!
"Try that again! I'll decapitate you!," Damaged challenges.
Yoyoleordet has beaten Halder!
MeatFlaps has killed Yoyoleordet!
"Goodnight, my Sweet Prince!!!" MeatFlaps declares sadly.
AcIlLaTeM has killed MeatFlaps in self defence!
"That's another way to ruin sheets at the inn" curses MeatFlaps.
Anal Fistula has been killed by Floating Evil Eye!
"I must not be as studly as I thought," Anal Fistula concedes.