Lord Time
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Round 44   Day 18

River Realm

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#NameDragonsExperienceLevelMasteredLast onStatus
1FTEther16,377,27712 TTodayDead
2FTCampnala16,159,403121 daysDead
3MSleepy(Sheep)15,893,516121 daysDead
4FTTeeball15,738,69012 T1 daysDead
6FTOki14,085,50412 TTodayDead
8MColor Seven11,267,640121 daysDead
9Tb-rar10,583,778121 daysDead
10FTZat10,282,693111 daysDead
11Tedgecrusher10,008,97510 T1 daysDead
13TKingsWit9,660,78012 TTodayDead
14FTbene9,460,56712 T1 daysDead
17FTRAM7,961,78592 daysDead
18FTLeaf6,733,66892 daysDead
19DDr. Paxl6,673,3899TodayAlive
20TRadioactive Man6,567,27391 daysDead
22DUncle Buttnugget5,201,91791 daysDead
23FTDragon Slayer5,148,26391 daysDead
24FTPlitzcaia5,106,17791 daysDead
26MMischiefTMaker4,455,702101 daysDead
27MDog of the South4,428,121101 daysDead
28Trouteski4,294,67591 daysDead
30TAll Rounder3,853,04411TodayDead
32FTTulpa3,429,347101 daysDead
33FTBabe3,398,930101 daysDead
34FTRunny Nose3,164,66582 daysDead
35TCamppion2,731,26991 daysDead
37FTpink dragon2,093,5258 T1 daysDead
39TDonavio1,755,48692 daysDead
40MSolitude1,349,65081 daysDead
41TSir Strayveange1,300,305102 daysDead
42FDjerred1,246,72291 daysDead
43DDarkAngel1,240,22681 daysDead
44DLord Rikochete1,177,25481 daysDead
45FTTheLadyWhispers729,23591 daysDead
46DGrampus609,01391 daysDead
47Ttjernobyl545,42482 daysDead
49FDSlouch403,85691 daysDead
50MLrdNosferatu378,22591 daysDead
51DTam329,80381 daysDead
52TFlamingMonkey292,31894 daysDead
53FTcheap lunch270,73581 daysDead
54TDa Killer243,9518TodayDead
55MSMUDGE234,93682 daysDead
56TPalomar182,05671 daysDead
57FTMiss Anthropic159,13081 daysDead
58MCain96,52181 daysDead
59TCapt Hindsight94,50661 daysAlive
60MHotBodKebab87,57071 daysDead
61MDave Gahan63,4857TodayAlive
62Mswerve62,18273 daysUndead
63M}{ell62,11661 daysDead
64FDLady Voltron59,65471 daysDead
65FDannie55,77775 daysDead
66FMTiffany54,68551 daysDead
67MSir Tyris52,19371 daysDead
68Dgemm44,00371 daysDead
69DZifnab40,08461 daysDead
70TStymie39,32761 daysDead
71FDBuhnie33,93261 daysDead
74TUrDeadBroLolz31,32461 daysDead
75DRainbow Garcia20,92161 daysDead
76TBograt11,30152 daysDead
77MSeuntjie10,93552 daysDead
78TRemy9,75564 daysDead
79DDrimis6,99531 daysAlive
82TDJHarpoon5,20455 daysDead
83FTSilk4,28132 daysDead
85TDr. Mindbender3,6603TodayAlive
86DTherinRoe3,27141 daysDead
87TJabbaTheHutt2,93941 daysDead
88FTAgrajag2,55841 daysDead
89TUstoB2,30143 daysDead
90TMbrio2,03941 daysDead
91Meddiert1,42744 daysDead
92MScramble1,42322 daysDead
93DStalll1,34022 daysDead
94DKinKaray1,15032 daysDead
95FMRemon1,07644 daysDead
96MRaistlin21256633 daysUndead
97DWyldthyng55432 daysDead
98FMDreamless_Ghost49837 daysDead
99FTteapot46032 daysAlive
100DFNT41832 daysDead
101FDcssowl38733 daysUndead
102DWind33511 daysDead
103DEternian32323 daysUndead
104Dffenliv31624 daysDead
105DWhoAteTheSquid28312 daysDead
106DKitain21023 daysUndead
108FTKeiria15322 daysDead
109Mtribal12421 daysDead
110DTristanCross9911 daysDead
111Tbertrandom9814 daysAlive
112Tflashrekt9512 daysDead
113DAge8117 daysDead
114DSmash0r7516 daysUndead
115MGardenSausage6917 daysDead
116FTSuWan394417 daysDead
117MSilver4012 daysDead
118DMonkeWithDumpe3817 daysDead
119TSkym2312 daysDead
120DTruckDave1612 daysDead
121FMGeriianish917 daysDead
122DVividos411 daysDead
The Daily Happenings....
More children are missing today.
Oki has killed Zifnab!
"If I ever see you in this town again, I'll whup ya again!,"
Adrielle has killed cheap lunch!
"Beware, DRAGON! For you are next," Adrielle promises.
Oki has been killed by Cyclops Warrior!
"I think I'm going to be sick," Oki moans pitifully.
Mr.Bojangles has beaten Olodrin!
All Rounder has beaten Gandalf!
All Rounder has been killed by White Bear Of Lore!
White Bear Of Lore devours All Rounder raw.
Snowfrog got laid by TWDODD!
Howitzer has killed Adrielle!
"This is a lesson to all others, for I am the baddest mofo in the land."
TWDODD got laid by Snowfrog!
Mr.Bojangles has killed TherinRoe!
"Defeat me, will ya? I have friends in this world!," squeals TherinRoe.
Snowfrog has killed Da Killer!
"Buwahahah." Snowfrog screams.
Snowfrog has beaten Aladdin!
Snowfrog has killed Howitzer!
Howitzer's scream as he falls is heard all over the realm.
Snowfrog has killed TWDODD in an Online Duel!
Paladiamors got laid by Lord Rikochete!
llama got laid by pink dragon!
llama has beaten Aragorn!
llama has killed Mr.Bojangles!
Mr.Bojangles's scream as he falls is heard all over the realm.
llama has beaten Olodrin!
Paladiamors has been eluded by Damaged.
Damaged has been killed by Slock!
"You got lucky, Slock!," Damaged declares.
Realmguy has killed llama!
"You, Realmguy, are a gigantic POO POO HEAD!" admonishes
Paladiamors has killed Snowfrog in an Online Duel!
Paladiamors & sandman had an uneventful online duel.
sandman has killed lofiguy!
"YESSS! My luck has finally changed!," sandman yells.
The Red Dragon has killed Ghost!
Paladiamors has killed sandman in an Online Duel!
ECUpirate05 has killed Paladiamors!
"Yikes! You're such an ass!," shrieks Paladiamors.
ECUpirate05 has beaten Turgon!
She has become the Ultimate Warrior!
ECUpirate05 has been killed by Mutated Black Widow!
Mutated Black Widow carefully burys ECUpirate05.
Dave Gahan has killed Realmguy!
"Well, my horoscope DID say there would be a great change in my life..."
Lampshade got kicked in the groin by Violet!
Lampshade has beaten Aladdin!
Snort has killed Lampshade!
"You will have no children!," curses Lampshade with relish.
Snort has been killed by Sweet Looking Little Girl!
"You have not seen the last of me, Sweet Looking Little Girl!," Snort threatens.
Platinum has been killed by Night Hawk!
"Damn, Damn, Damn!," Platinum roars.
Thorlock has been killed by Earth Shaker!
The banker is already looking for Thorlock's next of kin.
KingsWit has been killed by Black Warlock!
"I'LL BE BACK!," swears KingsWit.
Dr. Paxl got laid by Campnala!
Dr. Paxl has killed UstoB!
"GRNOG BASH UstoB! Cut off their manhood and feed it to goats!"
The Red Dragon has killed Ether!